How to Quickly Insert Passwords Anywhere

There are a lot of great tools out there for snippets, passwords, and clipboard management. But this topic is going to address one specific use case:

quickly inserting a password.

Sure, 1Password is an awesome password manager and I use it to store all of my passwords. But 1Password’s best (and sole) integration is in the browser. And I work in more than just browsers.

Enter CopyLess and CopyLess Lite

This guy rocks. CopyLess, at its core, is just a clipboard manager. You copy something, and CopyLess saves it in a list. While this is nice, and worthy of another post, the real draw here is in using the Favorites feature with hotkeys.

Copy a password, then open CopyLess and mark it as a Favorite by clicking the Pin icon. Repeat for all of your passwords until you have a list with the passwords you most use on the Favorites tab. It will look something like this:

When that is done, you can rearrange the order if you like. The first one in the list is “Favorite item 1”. Now you just need to open the preferences and set hotkeys for each password:

Once it is setup, from inside any app, even when you’re on SSH on a production box, you can just hit Command 1 (or a combination of your choosing) to insert the password. I use this thing all day every day, and it makes getting around a breeze.

Of course, the normal security warnings are relevant here: you’re storing your password in plain-text in an app that requires no password and has no encryption, so use security measures on your machine with production passwords.

Until 1Password implements a similar desktop equivalent, this is a very handy way to get around.


Let me know if you try it...

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