Alfred 3 is Out and It Rocks

I’ve been playing around with the latest version of Alfred 3 and I have to say it is yet another amazing upgrade to my all-time favorite Mac App. This app defines “Approductive”!!

I’m going to be testing out all of the features and plan to update this post as I go. Be sure to check out their blog post for all the new features and updates. But to get the ball rolling, here is the first thing that everyone should setup in Alfred 3.

Auto-Expanding Snippets

Alfred 2 had a Snippets manager, but in order to use a Snippet, you had to either open Alfred, type “snip”, then select your snippet; OR, you’d have to memorize a keyboard shortcut that would launch the snippet. There might have been easier ways, but it was never quite easy enough for me to go all in and use it.

In Alfred 3, they’ve upgraded this in a big way. They now provide, “Auto-Expanding Snippets”. If you are familiar with TextExpander, you know what this is. Imagine a text shortcut that you type anywhere on your Mac, like “ddd”. Whenever you type this, wherever you type this, you would hear a pop! sound and then you would watch the “ddd” get erased and then you could watch today’s date get inserted like this “2016/05/23”. It was like magic. Alfred 3 now provides this functionality, and it works perfectly! Here is a demo of one using “appp” to fill in “”:




If you are on the fence about getting the Power Pack, let me be the one to give you the nudge and go for it. It is well worth every cent!

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