Grabbox for Screenshot Sharing

If you’re not already using some sort of cloud screenshot sharing tool, you’re dead to me. Being able to quickly snap what is on your screen and paste the link into a chat window or email has become commonplace, and if you’re still attaching screenshot photos to email, shame on you.

There are a ton of screenshot tools that do this job (my favorite up until recently has been Cloud). But Cloud doesn’t work perfectly for one simple reason: the url it gives you is for the image’s webpage, not the image itself. Not helpful when you want to quickly paste the graphic into a document or in Propane for Campfire.

I looked at a few options that would work with S3, like TinyGrab, but none of them would put the public url of just the image in the clipboard.

Enter Grabbox.

Grabbox, like other cloud upload utilities, sits in your menubar and waits for you to use the default screenshot hotkeys. When you open the preferences, you are given minimal options, but they do what you’d expect, and work the way you want them to work.

Grabbox uses the “Public” folder inside your Dropbox account. The nice thing about this is the files are stored locally in your Dropbox folder, so the process is super fast. You don’t have to wait for the file to upload, since Dropbox will upload it in the background, and the url can be crafted ahead of time. But its also nice that you have all of your public images right there in Dropbox if you want to change them or delete them.

Grabbox works with your existing screenshot hotkeys (CMD – Shift – 3 and CMD – Shift – 4). You can have it prompt you for a filename or have it generate a random filename. By default, it starts at 0.png and increments on each new capture.

And the best part (for me) is that I can capture a screenshot and immediately paste it into Campfire or Adium. Oh, and it’s free.

Note: the Dropbox link above is a referral link and if you use it to sign up for a new Dropbox account, I’ll get 500MB of additional storage. Please do.