Auto-Pin Url

Most browsers have a feature called “Pin Tab” which basically shrinks the tab down the the favicon. This feature has always been completely pointless to me, because really, what is the use of pinning a tab every time I open my browser?

EnterĀ Auto-Pin URL, a Chrome Extension.

Just enter the sites that you’d like to have auto-pin, and it does the work. This actually turns out to be pretty handy for sites you regularly have open. It even supports things like chrome://bookmarks.


Keep Chrome Bookmarks Organized with SuperSorter

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of Googling something today that I just read yesterday. I’m not very good about using the bookmarks that I have, and all too often the bookmarks manager window looks like a mess. One tool that I’ve found really helps too keep my Chrome bookmarks effectively organized is called SuperSorter.This little extension has a button next to your address bar, or can be set to run automatically. It has a few options, but the big feature that I like is alphabetical sorting of all of my bookmarks. A nice option that I like is “Put folders before bookmarks”.

This little extension has few features, but manages to do it’s thing perfectly. Here’s the options window:


AnotherĀ very useful tool when you are trying to clean up your bookmarks is the last item: Find all duplicates now. It has a well-thought-out interface that has the duplicates grouped, showing which folder they are in, and allows you to check the first in each group, check the last in each group, and a few others for fast deleting of duplicates: